Some Benefits of An External Hard Disk

We all know that external hard disks are used for… well, holding files with its large storage space. In general, that is the very benefit of a hard disk. But if you’re still confused with deciding to buy or not, here are some benefits you can experience when you own one. I own one so I’m just sharing what I know.

 buffaloBuffalo Mini Station 3.0 External Hard Drive

  • Store videos/movies/audio – We all know that these files eat up a lot of space so you can store as much as you want with an external hard disk. Your PC/laptop won’t have to suffer from lag since you can store heavy files in an external hard drive.


  • Backup important files – You may have so much important work files that a simple thumb drive could not hold. Using an external hard drive won’t let you worry about space. No more need for worrying when your computer or laptop crashes since you can easily backup using the external hard disk.


  • Easy File Transfer – Moving to a new laptop or PC won’t be so hassling since your external disk has all your important and beloved files. Freely use any laptop or PC thanks to the external disk. Plus, friends can copy files as much as they want.
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What Speaker to Buy?

I like music. I think I won’t be able to survive a day without it. I use my mobile phone for music. I use my laptop for music. I borrow our kasambahay’s radio when I can’t use my gadgets for music. I enjoy music so much that I am now searching for a good mini speaker for my mobile/laptop. I want to hear louder music without quickly draining my battery. Any mini speakers recommendations? I’m eyeing these so far:


Brand: Gear4



Brand: Divoom (product not available so far… hope it’ll be instock when I finally am able to buy)



Brand: Euroo


As you can see, I’ve chosen from Lazada because my brother bought something there and it seems like a reliable online seller. It’s going to be my first time to buy something online, btw. I am not one to take risks after reading and hearing scary online scam stories.


I’m still saving some money (I’m a just a poor high school student surviving on allowance huhu) and am still deciding on which one to buy. What do you think? Are these yay or nay? Send me your suggestions. Please? Thank you! If you know other reliable websites carrying affordable and wonderful speakers, just tell me, too.

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Bogus Tech Videos

Have you seen those unofficial (although they kept stating “official”) videos depicting iPhone models not existing yet? I don’t get why makers of these vids keep posting such stuff. Is it because they’re bored? Do they want to display their video making skills? Do they feel happy deceiving people? Do they want views/subscribers on youtube? Do they want Apple Inc. to embrace their imaginative design and release such a phone? What are your guesses? Share them here!



Regarding the videos, here are some I’ve seen:

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Lazada: Offering customers better solutions

better solutions

There are a lot of ways to pay for something from the net. But how does one know exactly which one fits them the most if they have nothing to compare it with? Normally, a person relies on the safest processes available like when you’re buying from a sari-sari store. Your first response is to pay using cash because this is the method you are most familiar with. But what you fail to ask each time is if you can put it on credit. Though this isn’t a practical option, the fact remains that there are other options out there that you can try out in case a certain situation calls for it.

The beauty of the Internet is you get to research about the things you don’t know much about. For online shoppers especially, you can find out the answers in a snap without the need to look elsewhere. That is the power of the World Wide Web.  Something that can be maximized if only online users online are informed.

For instance you come across online shops and you want to exercise your options, the best way is to always read sections that are not as overrated as the others. Would you check out the policy page on a normal day of purchase? Chances are you’ll go directly to the selection of items to see what you like before even knowing if you are capable of buying it or not given your limited preference in paying.

LazadaPH makes these kinds of information accessible to all by posting it at every page at the bottom part of the website. It is posted alongside important information normally overlooked by online buyers like return policies, Frequently Asked Questions, payment methods, etc. As of now, they have two payments available for all types of customers. Before, they offered over-the-counter options and bank transfers but now, they have narrowed it down to two basic methods namely cash on delivery and credit card.

Cash on delivery is the closest method to the regular type of payment. It’s a mix of over-the-counter payments, house delivery, and paying in cash all rolled into one. If you want to eliminate the hassle of going to your favorite store to pay for an item you like, then cash on delivery is just right for you. The payment process occurs during the deliver that Lazada Online Shop can offer free of charge if your purchase exceed a minimum of P1, 000. Credit card payment is self-explanatory. Anyone with a Visa or MasterCard credit card can just submit their credit details online and wait for the item to be delivered straight to his or her house.

These two may seem all too familiar but the difference with online shopping is these payments usually come along with promos or discounts that make purchases a lot cheaper than those you normally buy in malls. Online shopping is advisable to those who want to experiment on their shopping and get what they like at a much cheaper price. There’s no harm in trying especially if it can benefit you in ways more than one.




Watch Lazada’ Commercial

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Lazada: A twist

a twist

A company’s name says a lot about what they have to offer. But if you can’t comprehend what it means, that doesn’t mean it’s less legitimate than those you understand. Lazada may not strike you as something top ranked but don’t let ignorance be a burden. It is from a company that targets different countries all over the world, countries in all 5 continents to be more precise. It is powered by the Samwer brothers who are known in Germany for their entrepreneurial skills. Rocket Internet aims to become a successful online venture builder which they are surely attaining with each successful online site they launch. Lazada is just one of their numerous outstanding online sites scattered all over the world. If we’re speaking of Lazada alone, they have it in other Asian countries as well like Malaysia and Vietnam to name a few. Right now, Rocket Internet is powering two other online sites called Zalora and Office Pro.

As many of you have probably noticed, online shopping sites are all the rage in the online world. Facebook is an example of how evident online selling is with thousands of online shops in business not just in the Philippines but in other parts of the world as well. LazadaPH, however, takes it to a whole new level by offering more than just one type of product. They have a collection of different products offered in different brands. This makes shopping a lot easier because a person can access multiple items all at once in just one purchase. If you have become a victim of hoarding in the past like yours truly, then you would know what I’m talking about. Having so much tabs open from various sites make it impossible for me to properly keep track of the different websites I order from or visit. If there’s one site you can order everything you need regardless of how completely different they are from each other, then this makes both the payment and delivery process easier to manage.

Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall already has a very extensive selection but they don’t just stop there. They improve their site further by assisting each order with several services. If you amount to a total of P1, 000 and above, you get your items delivered for free. You also get a maximum of 7 days to return your item for a refund in a form of a gift certificate if ever your item meets the standards of the policy return clearly enumerated on the website. In addition to this, all items are certified to be new with 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.

Online shopping sites are a great way to explore the benefits that the Internet puts forward. People in this era might as well embrace it especially if it doesn’t take anything away from you like your dignity or morals. Having a stand is one thing, but completely denying the fact that the Internet does not help us in any way is a waste of time.


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Lazada: A better alternative-Online selling & shopping


The influence online shopping sites have on the Philippine market is getting even broader by the minute. If you thought it couldn’t get any bigger then you’re probably scratching your head right now because it apparently only has begun. Everywhere you go, you’d find at least one ad that promotes an online shopping site. But honestly, with the amount of money they make on a regular basis, I doubt renting one billboard spot along EDSA or Makati can make the slightest dent on their budget. More online shopping sites are now venturing to other forms of promotional tools to make their name a brand. Websites like Zalora and Lazada, owned by the same company called Rocket Internet, make use of different events, shows, magazines, celebrities, etc. to familiarize the Philippine market of the nature of their site. All efforts definitely paid off as more Filipinos are checking out their treats with more blogs being posted each day.

Do you remember the last time you went a whole month without checking out the latest finds online? Well, if you lasted more than a month doing so then you probably haven’t been exposed enough to realize that things are a lot easier with the help of the internet. Online shopping sites make our lives easier by making items that interest us available on the internet. This way, less time is spent roaming around the mall, second guessing ourselves and more time is available to do something productive. Why neglect something that is being spoon fed to us especially if it has no side effects besides the occasional overuse of the internet when you’re hooked.

LazadaPH isn’t just your normal shopping site destination because it offers a broad selection of items to fulfill your cravings whether you’re a child just learning your first word or a parent planning on retiring very soon. The market they cater to gets the benefits of endless options at affordable prices. And I’m not just talking about the ordinary 5% discounts. I’m talking about two digit discounts sometimes even reaching up to 90% off. If a company wants to be taken seriously, they have to learn to come up with promos and services beyond their target market’s expectations. This way, not only will they be swayed to buy a single item but they will also consider buying more than just one item. They have a wide range of audience which increases the chances of making a sale but this doesn’t mean that those who tried out shopping from them the first time would consider purchasing again. Regardless of how well-made the products are, if the services that go with it don’t meet the standards of the customers, chances of the customer pulling the plug are highly likely. Online site owners are a lot smarter now making online selling their primary avenue. Given that the peak of the popularity of both online selling and shopping in the Philippines is less than a decade’s old, the progress and improvement they have shown in the past is definitely something to look forward to.

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Lazada: Schooled by a child-Online shopping’s impact on online users


Does the Internet strike you as something beyond explainable? I mean, you have to admit how rad it is that its invention and evolution came to exist in our generation. Imagine how hard it was for our parents to have to go to the library every time a term paper is due? I can’t imagine myself having to rely on a newspaper to find out which companies are hiring after experiencing how easier it is to apply online.


I was drinking with my cousins and we were discussing about the intensity of the progress in technology today. Anyone who’s capable of going beyond the shallow culture we’re now forced to be a part of can see how incredible the growth has been in aspects of life. My eldest cousin mentioned how he wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for the benefits of online marketing. And from there, we all ended up sharing our inputs on how beneficial the Internet is. But what really caught my attention was what my 16-year-old cousin said after all of us in our late 20’s shared. She referred to online shopping as one of the best innovations programmers have come up with to date, which got me thinking. I have never really considered it as an essential but when you come to think of it, online shopping has made major impacts in our society given how recent its is in terms of general popularity.


Online shopping is a form of e-commerce that allows purchasing to take place over the Internet. A good example of this is Lazada. Most sites focus on just one product brand or type. Lazada, however, demonstrates flexibility by establishing its website as an all-around online shopping website. They sell various brands of different products both local and international. If you think finding information online is a breeze, wait until you discover how a lot easier it is now to buy appliances, furniture, mobile phones, bags, etc. and get it delivered straight to your homes. Reading about something online is one thing but having the power to get something you like online sent over to your house is a whole different story.


Why do Filipinos insist that they’re poor when each year, a greater number of online users purchase online on a daily basis? Not being able to buy in malls but still managing to purchase in other ways like the internet doesn’t justify the poverty that Filipinos pretend to be a victim of unless of course you can’t afford either.


Online shopping has made such a massive impact in our local communities. Not even those who are not well off can deny the influence it has made on internet users. It has redefined the term convenience and made it so accessible that even children as young as 12 are already capable of doing this without supervision.


I can’t believe it took a teenager to make me realize how endless the possibilities are now that online shopping has leveled up to social media sites. I guess older folks don’t always know better.

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Online Sellers I’ve Tried So Far

I’m relatively new to online shopping. I don’t own any credit cards and the scary scam stories I’ve heard simply frightened me. But my good friend claimed that it was absolutely safe and easy depending on what websites/sellers I’m going to buy from. Since I haven’t tried it before, he suggested a few. He said Lazada, Zalora, Chicify, Cash Cash Pinoy, and Ensogo were the ones he usually buys from. Taking note of these, I tried some and so far, I have not been scammed or greatly failed by the ones I tried. Here’s a quick recap of the ones I tried.




Zalora – The Chinese New Year sale gave me the opportunity to buy multiple simple super-late Christmas presents (discounted!) for my friends. I live in Makati so I quickly received my package the next day. I paid cash on delivery so I didn’t have to worry about not having credit cards or worry about losing my money if I were to be scammed. The delivery guy was courteous, too.




Lazada – I’ve seen plenty of Lazada online ads. But yep, I only decided to give it a try when my friend told me about it. I purchased a gift for my sister’s baby and it was delivered to me the next day, too. Cash on delivery, too! The delivery man was also courteous. (P.S. I only knew a few days ago from a friend that Lazada and Zalora are sister companies. LOL! No wonder they have similar business methods.)





Chicify – I bought sandals which were on sale. I was worried about the fit because I’m an 8 but there are some shoes which fit me in size 9 or 7 or 8 ½. @_@ Anyway, I was happy that it fitted me perfectly. But there was little damage on the straps. It’s a bit worn out, maybe? The color was chipped off. I’m a busy person so I didn’t return/exchange it. Was it like that because it was a sale product? I’m not sure but I don’t think I’ll order sandals or the same brand from Chicify again. But I might order some other products though, depending on my will.


How about you guys? Have you experienced the same good service or did you unluckily have a negative experience? Do share! Also, how about telling me some other online sellers you highly recommend? I’ve tried some discount voucher sites but I’ll write about it in another post. Cheers!

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Lazada convenience at its best

Simply the best


Lazada Online shopping mall just turned one year old. It’s a celebration that happened across South East Asia where Lazada is available. Lazada Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam all celebrated their first year last April 4, 2013. Time is really quick. It felt just like yesterday when they where launched in South East Asia care of Rocket Internet. Back then the question about its success of replicating Amazon’s success in Asia was still a blur to skeptics. Through their first year a lot had happened. A lot of big time investors already invested in Lazada. From the looks of it, they have done a great job so far. What people are not seeing is their positive impact in the Ecommerce industry of Asia.


Prior to there launched, Ecommerce of Asia was still a diamond in the rough. A lot of us are still not familiar on how online shopping works and can make our lives much easier. Thanks to them, a lot of local businessmen realized the potential of online for their business. Nowadays, we see a lot of competitors of Lazada showing up from nowhere. It’s actually helping the economy. A lot of jobs are available for online business expansion. It’s pretty clear that we are just on the verge of the online shopping era in Asia. I see a lot of improvements that can still be done. Although, I’ve seen the progress that Lazada went through for giving the best possible online shopping experience to their customers.


Their introduced alternative payment method Cash on Delivery or simply C.O.D. made a huge impact in Ecommerce. Thru this payment method, it allowed anyone to try buying from them without worrying about needing to have a credit card or Paypal account to pay online. Customers can simple pay in cash. All they need to do is just provide Lazada their shipment address and recipient name of the order package. Once it gets delivered on their very home, customers can pay cash as their orders are handed over to them in real time. This also eliminates the security issue of customers of exposing their credit card details or getting scammed online. Since they can pay in cash once their order arrives, they don’t need to worry about their money since they can hold into it up until they get their order. It’s pretty much similar the traditional offline mall, but what Lazada does is they bring the mall at your very doorstep. They also give their customers the option to shop anytime and anywhere they want. All they need is just an Internet capable device with Internet connection and they are set for online shopping wherever they may be. Not only that, they offer free delivery availability to their customers. As long as their order exceeds one thousand pesos, Lazada will waive the usual shipment fee. You not only save money on discounts and promos, but you also save money on travel expense as compared to when you shop from traditional malls.



for more related post:


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My Current Tech Obsession

Everybody’s drooling over MacBooks while little ol’ me is drooling over Samsung’s tablet-laptop hybrid. The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T is something I’m currently trying to juice out of my beloved parents (hehe). Instead of buying a tablet and a laptop, why not just buy a hybrid, right? It’s less expensive (not that my parents would buy me those separately lol). If only I could do a part-time job now… I’m currently in college. 2nd year to be exact.


Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T

Gadget Specs:

Gadget specs











See full specs at

Girls my age are planning their birthdays and excitedly hand out invites. Talking about their dresses, giveaways, invited guests, etc. Me? I would rather have this sweet piece of technology than have an 18th birthday bash/debut. Tsss… my mom is so girly; wanting me to have a birthday ball. Boo! I am not one to feel giddy wearing sparkly gowns and all that crap. LOL!

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