Lazada Philippines impact to online shopping


The Philippines is on the prowl! Trying to level up and be at par with our neighboring countries, the Philippines is something you should look out for. Because of the intense rush in online selling, more Filipinos are more open to the idea of shopping for whatever type of item it may be from the web. The E-commerce industry has definitely reached a different height this year and it shows. More online sites are even being commercialized and aired on television. Some sites even enter party sponsorships to get its name out there.

Lazada Philippines is just one of the many sites launched last year that has made incredible progress. You won’t be able to go online and not see at least one online shopping site trying to shove their page down your throat. The online selling industry has become so competitive that even high school students are raving about their self-made online pages. Clothes, bags, accessories and other products no matter how big or small find its way in to being sold online. An impressive turnaround especially if compared to online shopping’s starting years. Imagine all the sites you have visited that offer individually diverse products all offered in one website. That’s the concept Lazada’s trying to make popular these days. It’s the Filipinos ultimate go to website that offer fresh breed of products. Everything you might want under the sun is highly possible to become available in this one of a kind website.

Do you want a year’s warranty for any item you avail from the net? Lazada can give you two years instead! Get a warranty from your order’s manufacturer for two years. Push away those inhibitions and let the features of the website become your deciding factors. All items will be delivered directly to your houses. If you spend enough like a minimum of P1, 000, you can your items delivered for absolutely free. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a fixed rate of P50 and P99 for deliveries to made inside Manila and outside respectively. You also have up to 7 days from the day your order got delivered to send your item back to the warehouse in case of any damages or concerns. If the inspectors give their stamp of approval, you’ll get your refund in a form of a gift certificate in the same amount as you paid for so you can re-purchase the same item or get something else instead. If you’re wondering how you can pay for it, you have two choices. The first option is to get out your trusty credit card either VISA or MasterCard. The second option is to pay in cash through cash on delivery. If you’re used to paying over the counter then cash on delivery or simply known as COD is the closest payment method there is to it. Wait for your item to get delivered to your house and pay only then.

There are many reasons why online shopping is so popular these days. But it’s the perks that come along with the process of shopping online that makes it a better option.

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  1. When it comes to consumerism, Filipinos are number one hehe

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