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Lazada Online shopping mall just turned one year old. It’s a celebration that happened across South East Asia where Lazada is available. Lazada Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam all celebrated their first year last April 4, 2013. Time is really quick. It felt just like yesterday when they where launched in South East Asia care of Rocket Internet. Back then the question about its success of replicating Amazon’s success in Asia was still a blur to skeptics. Through their first year a lot had happened. A lot of big time investors already invested in Lazada. From the looks of it, they have done a great job so far. What people are not seeing is their positive impact in the Ecommerce industry of Asia.


Prior to there launched, Ecommerce of Asia was still a diamond in the rough. A lot of us are still not familiar on how online shopping works and can make our lives much easier. Thanks to them, a lot of local businessmen realized the potential of online for their business. Nowadays, we see a lot of competitors of Lazada showing up from nowhere. It’s actually helping the economy. A lot of jobs are available for online business expansion. It’s pretty clear that we are just on the verge of the online shopping era in Asia. I see a lot of improvements that can still be done. Although, I’ve seen the progress that Lazada went through for giving the best possible online shopping experience to their customers.


Their introduced alternative payment method Cash on Delivery or simply C.O.D. made a huge impact in Ecommerce. Thru this payment method, it allowed anyone to try buying from them without worrying about needing to have a credit card or Paypal account to pay online. Customers can simple pay in cash. All they need to do is just provide Lazada their shipment address and recipient name of the order package. Once it gets delivered on their very home, customers can pay cash as their orders are handed over to them in real time. This also eliminates the security issue of customers of exposing their credit card details or getting scammed online. Since they can pay in cash once their order arrives, they don’t need to worry about their money since they can hold into it up until they get their order. It’s pretty much similar the traditional offline mall, but what Lazada does is they bring the mall at your very doorstep. They also give their customers the option to shop anytime and anywhere they want. All they need is just an Internet capable device with Internet connection and they are set for online shopping wherever they may be. Not only that, they offer free delivery availability to their customers. As long as their order exceeds one thousand pesos, Lazada will waive the usual shipment fee. You not only save money on discounts and promos, but you also save money on travel expense as compared to when you shop from traditional malls.



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