Lazada: Schooled by a child-Online shopping’s impact on online users


Does the Internet strike you as something beyond explainable? I mean, you have to admit how rad it is that its invention and evolution came to exist in our generation. Imagine how hard it was for our parents to have to go to the library every time a term paper is due? I can’t imagine myself having to rely on a newspaper to find out which companies are hiring after experiencing how easier it is to apply online.


I was drinking with my cousins and we were discussing about the intensity of the progress in technology today. Anyone who’s capable of going beyond the shallow culture we’re now forced to be a part of can see how incredible the growth has been in aspects of life. My eldest cousin mentioned how he wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for the benefits of online marketing. And from there, we all ended up sharing our inputs on how beneficial the Internet is. But what really caught my attention was what my 16-year-old cousin said after all of us in our late 20’s shared. She referred to online shopping as one of the best innovations programmers have come up with to date, which got me thinking. I have never really considered it as an essential but when you come to think of it, online shopping has made major impacts in our society given how recent its is in terms of general popularity.


Online shopping is a form of e-commerce that allows purchasing to take place over the Internet. A good example of this is Lazada. Most sites focus on just one product brand or type. Lazada, however, demonstrates flexibility by establishing its website as an all-around online shopping website. They sell various brands of different products both local and international. If you think finding information online is a breeze, wait until you discover how a lot easier it is now to buy appliances, furniture, mobile phones, bags, etc. and get it delivered straight to your homes. Reading about something online is one thing but having the power to get something you like online sent over to your house is a whole different story.


Why do Filipinos insist that they’re poor when each year, a greater number of online users purchase online on a daily basis? Not being able to buy in malls but still managing to purchase in other ways like the internet doesn’t justify the poverty that Filipinos pretend to be a victim of unless of course you can’t afford either.


Online shopping has made such a massive impact in our local communities. Not even those who are not well off can deny the influence it has made on internet users. It has redefined the term convenience and made it so accessible that even children as young as 12 are already capable of doing this without supervision.


I can’t believe it took a teenager to make me realize how endless the possibilities are now that online shopping has leveled up to social media sites. I guess older folks don’t always know better.

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