Online Sellers I’ve Tried So Far

I’m relatively new to online shopping. I don’t own any credit cards and the scary scam stories I’ve heard simply frightened me. But my good friend claimed that it was absolutely safe and easy depending on what websites/sellers I’m going to buy from. Since I haven’t tried it before, he suggested a few. He said Lazada, Zalora, Chicify, Cash Cash Pinoy, and Ensogo were the ones he usually buys from. Taking note of these, I tried some and so far, I have not been scammed or greatly failed by the ones I tried. Here’s a quick recap of the ones I tried.




Zalora – The Chinese New Year sale gave me the opportunity to buy multiple simple super-late Christmas presents (discounted!) for my friends. I live in Makati so I quickly received my package the next day. I paid cash on delivery so I didn’t have to worry about not having credit cards or worry about losing my money if I were to be scammed. The delivery guy was courteous, too.




Lazada – I’ve seen plenty of Lazada online ads. But yep, I only decided to give it a try when my friend told me about it. I purchased a gift for my sister’s baby and it was delivered to me the next day, too. Cash on delivery, too! The delivery man was also courteous. (P.S. I only knew a few days ago from a friend that Lazada and Zalora are sister companies. LOL! No wonder they have similar business methods.)





Chicify – I bought sandals which were on sale. I was worried about the fit because I’m an 8 but there are some shoes which fit me in size 9 or 7 or 8 ½. @_@ Anyway, I was happy that it fitted me perfectly. But there was little damage on the straps. It’s a bit worn out, maybe? The color was chipped off. I’m a busy person so I didn’t return/exchange it. Was it like that because it was a sale product? I’m not sure but I don’t think I’ll order sandals or the same brand from Chicify again. But I might order some other products though, depending on my will.


How about you guys? Have you experienced the same good service or did you unluckily have a negative experience? Do share! Also, how about telling me some other online sellers you highly recommend? I’ve tried some discount voucher sites but I’ll write about it in another post. Cheers!

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