Lazada: A better alternative-Online selling & shopping


The influence online shopping sites have on the Philippine market is getting even broader by the minute. If you thought it couldn’t get any bigger then you’re probably scratching your head right now because it apparently only has begun. Everywhere you go, you’d find at least one ad that promotes an online shopping site. But honestly, with the amount of money they make on a regular basis, I doubt renting one billboard spot along EDSA or Makati can make the slightest dent on their budget. More online shopping sites are now venturing to other forms of promotional tools to make their name a brand. Websites like Zalora and Lazada, owned by the same company called Rocket Internet, make use of different events, shows, magazines, celebrities, etc. to familiarize the Philippine market of the nature of their site. All efforts definitely paid off as more Filipinos are checking out their treats with more blogs being posted each day.

Do you remember the last time you went a whole month without checking out the latest finds online? Well, if you lasted more than a month doing so then you probably haven’t been exposed enough to realize that things are a lot easier with the help of the internet. Online shopping sites make our lives easier by making items that interest us available on the internet. This way, less time is spent roaming around the mall, second guessing ourselves and more time is available to do something productive. Why neglect something that is being spoon fed to us especially if it has no side effects besides the occasional overuse of the internet when you’re hooked.

LazadaPH isn’t just your normal shopping site destination because it offers a broad selection of items to fulfill your cravings whether you’re a child just learning your first word or a parent planning on retiring very soon. The market they cater to gets the benefits of endless options at affordable prices. And I’m not just talking about the ordinary 5% discounts. I’m talking about two digit discounts sometimes even reaching up to 90% off. If a company wants to be taken seriously, they have to learn to come up with promos and services beyond their target market’s expectations. This way, not only will they be swayed to buy a single item but they will also consider buying more than just one item. They have a wide range of audience which increases the chances of making a sale but this doesn’t mean that those who tried out shopping from them the first time would consider purchasing again. Regardless of how well-made the products are, if the services that go with it don’t meet the standards of the customers, chances of the customer pulling the plug are highly likely. Online site owners are a lot smarter now making online selling their primary avenue. Given that the peak of the popularity of both online selling and shopping in the Philippines is less than a decade’s old, the progress and improvement they have shown in the past is definitely something to look forward to.

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