What Speaker to Buy?

I like music. I think I won’t be able to survive a day without it. I use my mobile phone for music. I use my laptop for music. I borrow our kasambahay’s radio when I can’t use my gadgets for music. I enjoy music so much that I am now searching for a good mini speaker for my mobile/laptop. I want to hear louder music without quickly draining my battery. Any mini speakers recommendations? I’m eyeing these so far:


Brand: Gear4



Brand: Divoom (product not available so far… hope it’ll be instock when I finally am able to buy)



Brand: Euroo


As you can see, I’ve chosen from Lazada because my brother bought something there and it seems like a reliable online seller. It’s going to be my first time to buy something online, btw. I am not one to take risks after reading and hearing scary online scam stories.


I’m still saving some money (I’m a just a poor high school student surviving on allowance huhu) and am still deciding on which one to buy. What do you think? Are these yay or nay? Send me your suggestions. Please? Thank you! If you know other reliable websites carrying affordable and wonderful speakers, just tell me, too.

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