Lazada: Online shopping made accessible through its cash on delivery payment service

COD available

One thing that got me into Lazada, online shopping is the multitudes of payment methods that they offer. Let me just get into some history of how it was before the likes of Lazada introduced credit card-less online shopping to the masses. Let us hop on an imaginary time machine and go back to the not too distant past sometime around the early 2000s which is the early beginnings of the internet commerce boom or e-commerce to give a more familiar sound. It was some kind of a gold rush. E-commerce was a very promising business endeavour back then not that it is not right now but I am just saying to illustrate in words how a lot of companies were so gung-ho about putting up online shopping and e-commerce websites to sell products and services online. There was quite a buzz and hype about those online shopping companies at first but just like Rock and Roll music the buzz died down prematurely in the middle of its flight. They pretty much did not sell products in the quantity that they thought they would and naturally if businesses aren’t selling products they are bound to either shut down or downsize. Most online companies shut down. A lot of people opined that the consumers simply are not ready for the so called internet business or the digital age. That thought may or may not be true. In fact people that time are already getting highly wired meaning a lot of people are starting to realize the power of computers and the Internet it was just that there was one reason why online sales didn’t pick up at first. It was primarily because of the payment method, a lot of people are reluctant to put their credit card information out on an unfamiliar territory like the Internet and most online shopping companies at the time didn’t offer any alternative means to pay.


Now let us go back again to the present time. Obviously e-commerce has succeeded and is a very crucial segment of business. It proves to be a very viable way to do business and right a lot of online shopping companies are offering alternative means to pay and Lazada is no exception. Lazada provided Filipino shoppers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and convenience of online shopping by offering alternative ways to make payments. During the pre-Lazada times the only way to pay was through credit cards and that somehow placed a limit in terms of who can enjoy online shopping. Having the credit card as the only means to pay is like saying that only credit card holders can shop online. Now with Lazada’s introduction of a credit card-less payment methods like the cash on delivery payment service and Dragon pay, online shopping has become an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone who can gain access to the Internet. Lazada brought online shopping accessibility to a lot of Filipinos through the simplicity of the cash on delivery service



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Book Reader… Is it a worthy purchase?

I’m not the super techie kind of person. I am only knowledgeable of gadgets that I have owned/tried and ones that I fancy/plan to buy in the future. So I am a bit puzzled with e-book readers. They look like tablets and have almost the same functions. So why purchase one instead of tablet?


Image from


Tablet PCs can let users read e-books, too, right? Can anyone tell me the reason why anyone should buy an e-book reader instead of a mobile tablet?

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The things that set LAZADA PHILIPPINES apart from other e-commerce sites

set apart

I know a website can is reliable when it can provide me with genuine service. No catch, just pure customer satisfaction. Lazada Philippines is one of my favorites. It contains a variety of products that cover the basics I usually buy like accessories, home furniture, books and toys for my son. But what really hooked me to try them out is the perks and benefits that come along with each of my transactions. Some websites just offer purely selling service. The customer just gets a picture and brief description of the items being sold that gets delivered a few days after. The services are basic and simple but not at all unique in any way. Lazada Philippines however knows how hook its customers. They have more than the standard requirements of online shops. They throw promos daily and provide customer care and rights as well. You can always count on their wide selection and the kind of service that goes along with it each time.


They have two methods of payment – Cash on Delivery and Credit Card. Customers can choose either and even get their orders delivered with no charge for a minimum purchase of P1,000. Each item also comes with a two-year warranty from the respective manufacture. If that isn’t enough to get you interested, customers are also given a maximum number of days of 7 for them to return items with defects. Violent reactions, questions or suggestions are welcomed by the customer service available every day of the week.


I have had three successful transactions from Lazada. I bought a 32 gig iPod Touch 5th Generation in color pink, three books entitled, “Why We Broke Up” by Daniel Handler, Nina Garcia’s “Look Book” and John Greeen’s “An Abundance of Katherinines” and a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S. All arrived within a span of a week with the majority bought from a promo. The Fujifilm camera was the very first item I purchased from the said site. It’s normally sold for P3,000 and above in places like The Collective. But by chance, I saw Lazada’s ad and got it a discounted price. The iPod Touch was roughly a little above 10% off when I got it if I remember correctly. I bought the three books during the time they held a Monday Madness promo and they allowed 10% discount on top of all items available for all MasterCard credit card users. Normally, the promo would apply on either selected items only or with a minimum worth of purchase. LBC Express and 2GO Inc provide the delivery services. My very first purchase, which was the Fujifilm camera, was sent through LBC, the other two by 2GO. Both companies had very polite deliverymen in case you want to know what delivery service provider was better.


It would be nice to have more websites launched in the years to come that will offer more services that customers can indulge in. Since online shopping or selling has become such a huge hit now, I guess it’s fair to request for more well rounded sites so the whole experience of buying from the internet can become a lot more exciting.


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Lazada Philippines impact to online shopping


The Philippines is on the prowl! Trying to level up and be at par with our neighboring countries, the Philippines is something you should look out for. Because of the intense rush in online selling, more Filipinos are more open to the idea of shopping for whatever type of item it may be from the web. The E-commerce industry has definitely reached a different height this year and it shows. More online sites are even being commercialized and aired on television. Some sites even enter party sponsorships to get its name out there.

Lazada Philippines is just one of the many sites launched last year that has made incredible progress. You won’t be able to go online and not see at least one online shopping site trying to shove their page down your throat. The online selling industry has become so competitive that even high school students are raving about their self-made online pages. Clothes, bags, accessories and other products no matter how big or small find its way in to being sold online. An impressive turnaround especially if compared to online shopping’s starting years. Imagine all the sites you have visited that offer individually diverse products all offered in one website. That’s the concept Lazada’s trying to make popular these days. It’s the Filipinos ultimate go to website that offer fresh breed of products. Everything you might want under the sun is highly possible to become available in this one of a kind website.

Do you want a year’s warranty for any item you avail from the net? Lazada can give you two years instead! Get a warranty from your order’s manufacturer for two years. Push away those inhibitions and let the features of the website become your deciding factors. All items will be delivered directly to your houses. If you spend enough like a minimum of P1, 000, you can your items delivered for absolutely free. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a fixed rate of P50 and P99 for deliveries to made inside Manila and outside respectively. You also have up to 7 days from the day your order got delivered to send your item back to the warehouse in case of any damages or concerns. If the inspectors give their stamp of approval, you’ll get your refund in a form of a gift certificate in the same amount as you paid for so you can re-purchase the same item or get something else instead. If you’re wondering how you can pay for it, you have two choices. The first option is to get out your trusty credit card either VISA or MasterCard. The second option is to pay in cash through cash on delivery. If you’re used to paying over the counter then cash on delivery or simply known as COD is the closest payment method there is to it. Wait for your item to get delivered to your house and pay only then.

There are many reasons why online shopping is so popular these days. But it’s the perks that come along with the process of shopping online that makes it a better option.

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It’s better to give than receive

Last night I saw a homeless man with two dogs. Normally I would just pass by without any thought. However seeing them two hungry pups made me sad. Instead of giving the man a couple of penny, I ran into McDonalds and bought some sandwiches for the man and the pups. The man thanked me and wiped tears from his eyes. Just think about the next time you are having a bad day, things could be a lot worse. I never really understood the phrase “it’s better to give than receive” until today.

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